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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a disorder that can affect any moveable joint if the body, for example knees, hips and hands. Osteoarthritis leads to abnormal changes to the joint, such as the breakdown of cartilage, bone reshaping, bony lumps, joint inflammation, and loss of joint function. This can result in pain, stiffness and loss of movement.

This trial is in two parts, with part A being for male and female healthy volunteers aged 18 - 65:

• The purpose of part A is to find the highest dose of the study drug that is as safe as possible and does not cause unacceptable side effects. This will be done by first testing low doses of the study drug in some participants, followed by higher doses of the study drug in other participants. This is called dose escalation.

• This part will also test how the study drug works and look at what happens to the study drug in the body (called pharmacokinetics [PK]).

• The study medication will be given by one injection - either into a vein or directly into a thin layer of fat under the skin.

We have Part A of the study starting in July and would like to hear from you if:

• You are a healthy male or female aged 18-65?

• If female, you have undergone sterilisation, Hysterectomy or you are post-menopausal?

• You are a non-smoker?

• You are available for up to three short in-house stays of 1-3 nights in our clinical unit in Cambridge and up to eight short visits over the next 6 months?

• You are available to participate in trial dates running from July 2018 to Feburary 2019

Please call 01223 296121 for more information.

This text has been given a favourable opinion by an independent ethics committee.