Free Medical

If you complete the health questionnaire and fulfil the requirements, you will be invited for a screening medical to ensure that it is safe for you to undertake drug trials.


When you participate in paid medical trials you will be paid an honorarium. The amount of payment you will receive for each drug trial will vary based on the amount of time that you have devoted to the drug trial, the number of visits and also the amount of inconvenience anticipated during the medical trial. An Independent Research Ethics Committee will have approved all the payments that we make to volunteers for trial participation. Study payments are made at the end of the drug trial after your final visit and are made by cheque, which will be made out in your name. You will also be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses once you have become a member of the Volunteer Panel.


Knowing you will have helped advance the development of new medicines for future generations.


The most obvious question is whether it is safe to do paid medical trials. Safety is the most important consideration for all our clinical research. We ensure that volunteers are never exposed to more than minimal risk. We do this in a number of ways: 

  • Staff 

Our staff are highly experienced and well trained.


All our medical trials are designed and scrutinised by our physicians, scientists and other professionals. All drug trials are run in accordance with European Legislation and if a new medicine is involved must be approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency).

Independent Review 

All medical trials are submitted for approval to an independent Ethics Committee whose purpose is to safeguard the interests of patients and volunteers, participating in paid medical trials. Without their agreement, our drug trials cannot go ahead. In practice, this means no consent talks or pre-study medical screening can take place until we have received this approval.


We comply with all guidelines set out by the Regulatory Authorities. Our practice is audited to confirm this.


We monitor volunteers very closely to detect any effects of the drug trials.

Well Equipped Clinical Unit

Our Unit is well equipped, modern and comfortable with state of the art equipment.