Current Clinical Trials:

Healthy Males Required

We need healthy men to take part in clinical trials Now recruiting

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207546 - Healthy Males

Are you interested in taking part in a clinical trial? Are you healthy and aged between 18-45 years? Are you a non-smoker? Now recruiting

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205722 - Asthma Trial

Do you have mild to moderate asthma? Are you aged 18 - 65 years? Now recruiting

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Maturation Trial 207187

Are you interested in participating in a clinical trial? Are you available for one in house continuous stay for 21 days/ 20 nights within are unit? Now recruiting

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APDS Patient Trial

Do you suffer from APDS -Activated PI3K Delta Syndrome/ PASLI Disease? Now recruiting

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GLIMMER Study - PBC patients

If you have a diagnosis of PBC and moderate to severe symptoms of itch at the moment then you may be suitable to participate in a trial of a new medicine for itch in PBC. Now recruiting

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Non Child Bearing Female trial

We need females who are unable to have children to take part in clinical trials Now recruiting

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