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Thank you for your interest in Healthy Volunteer Clinical Trials at GSK.

Is taking part in GSK Clinical trials right for me? Things to consider before applying:

  • You will be required to travel to our unit in Cambridge for any appointments and trial dates.
  • Reasonable travel expenses will be covered (terms and conditions apply).
  • The majority of our Clinical Trials require a volunteer to be available for multiple overnight stays in our unit in Cambridge and run 7 days a week and not just at weekends.
  • Payments for trials are calculated based on the level of required commitment and time.

One thing to check before we begin, have you already registered with us previously?

Tell us a bit about yourself

In five minutes or less you could be on your way to joining us investigating new medicines to help treat patients.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Valid Heights: 4 10 to 6 7 ft in, 148-200cm; Valid Weights: 84-364lbs, 40-170kg

We need to know a little more about you to understand if you're suitable; so let us know if you'd prefer to give us this information now or to receive a paper pack in the post to complete.

One final question to confirm your suitability to take part in Clinical Trials with us.

Please select any conditions you currently suffer from or have previously suffered from:


Your Lifestyle

Please select any of the following that apply:


(UK Department of Health Recommended guidelines for alcohol intake is: Men should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol each week, the same level as for women).