GSK also run studies for patients with specific medical conditions. These trials are usually a kind of Phase 2a medical trial called proof of concept. Proof of concept studies are when we are ready to start the second phase of the trial process (phase 2 trials), but first want to look at a small group of patients with the disease which the drug is being developed to target. This gives us an idea that the drug is going to be effective and is safe and well tolerated in patients with that disease. These studies are conducted before major investment is made to go ahead with a large number of patients recruited into phase 2 trials.

We are currently recruiting for patients who have the following conditions:



If you answer 'yes' to the following statements you could be suitable;

Do you suffer from OA of the knee prodominantly?

Have you been clinically diagnosed with thsi condition for 6 months or more?

Are you happy to refrain from all medications (with the exception of paracetamol) for the first 42 days of the trial?

Are you male or female aged over 40-75?

If female, you have undergone sterilization, Hysterectomy or you are post menopausal?

Are you a non-smoker?

Are you available from one short in-house stay of 1 or 2 nights in our clinical unit in Cambridge, followed by up to 9 or 10 short over the next 6 months?

This trial is in two parts, with part A being for male and female healthy volunteers and part B being for OA patients.

We are now recruiting subjects for part B. The purpose of Part B is to investigate the safety, tolerability, what happens to the study medicine in the body and to investigate the potential of the drug to reduce pain of participants with OA of the knee after single dose of GSK3858279 or Placebo.

The study medication will be given by one injection-either into a vein or directly into a thin layer of fat under the skin.

Please call 01223 296005 for more information.